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Winx hentai Club: I DO Give a Flying Fuck. Second Part of Chapter IV.

As Bloom watched, June appeared to be picking up the pace. Irma and Hay Lin were going up and down faster now, but still the movement was absolutely smooth, no sign of stress at all. Hay Lin was bouncing a little, lifting off Irma’s shoulders slightly at the top of the stroke. Irma was grimacing slightly as Hay Lin landed on her at the bottom. Apparently June’s orgasm was approaching. Riven started jerking to finish himself off into her mouth.

Finally June had her orgasm and cried out. Those on top of her looked apprehensive, afraid she would lose concentration and dump them all on the ground. But her body remained totally stable. She did arch her back slightly, lifting Will, Irma, and Hay Lin up a little, but that was all.

Bloom had almost expected Irma and Hay Lin to have been lifted upward by June’s cum shot, but the dick was fairy in origin and had the same characteristics as the others.

Riven came in June’s face and she swallowed the cum that went into her mouth. Then she open her eyes and smiled.

The others started climbing off June. Will simply jumped off. Riven and Sky handed Musa and Techna off to the other guys, then hopped off themselves.

Irma and Hay Lin were still on June. When the guys went to help them down, Irma waved them off. “Hang on. The show isn’t over yet.” The two Guardians started their wings and lifted themselves off June, remaining at a hover above her, a stream of cum leaking out of Irma.

June dropped to the ground, then climbed to her feet. She held up both arms in a V, palms outstretched. Irma and Hay Lin drifted slowly down, carefully positioning their feet so that they were standing o Continue reading

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WinX Club Hentai Story: "Just can’t resist her"

Sky lay in his bed in his Red Fountain dorm room that he shared with Brandon. It was a rather cold night and he couldn’t get to sleep which wasn’t going to help with the early start he had tomorrow for heroics class. He just couldn’t keep his mind off the beautiful fire fairy at Alfea. The two had been dating for two years now; around about the same amount of time his friends Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and Nabu have been with their girlfriends. So he should be in the same situation as them right€¦.. Wrong!

It wasn’t a secret that Sky and Bloom were the most affectionate out of all the couples. He certainly wasn’t that way on purpose, it was just Bloom drove him crazy with her creamy milk complexion, long legs and silky red hair making it impossible for him to keep his hands off her. Bloom however was another story, the seductive touching, the sway of her hips as she walks and even the way she dresses was completely innocent and unnoticed on her part and that was what bothered him the most. She honestly didn’t realize how utterly€¦sexy she was and that her actions sent guys minds crazy with lust.

Sky turned on his side and looked over at Brandon. Brandon had been going out with Stella, Blooms best friend so the four of them often hung out together with the rest of the group. Even though his roommate pretends he loves Bloom like a ‘little sister’ he knew that Brandon had fallen victim on many occasions to Blooms seductive ways. After being caught out admiring Blooms behind as she walked away Sky gave him a long and terrifying scolding that Brandon made sure he had his eyes down when she walked in front of him.

After a lot more thinking, sleep finally consumed him but his thoughts remained on the fire goddess as she invaded his dreams.
Continue reading

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WinX Club Hentai Video Part #1: Bloom was day dreaming of having bang-out with her teacher… till she was woked up by the teacher!

WinX Club Hentai Video – Part #1

Horny WinX Club chick dreams for this awesome black tool pushed al the way down into her butt snatch, and then blow it till it unloads giving her a messy facial cumshot to savor on! Gabbing and licking is how every WinX Club XXX routine to commence, but but yyou can never tell where it’s gonna take them 😉 WinX Club Porn I’ve always dreamed to catch a glimpse of and babes who just cannot go on unfucked above all…

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WinX Club hentai story part 1: A Royal Engagement Chapter 3

At Red
Fountain, Sky is laying on his bed thinking on what he should say. Then Helia, Riven and Timmy came up to him. Riven
said, Hey Sky, Brandon told us about the announcement. Congratulations. Then
Sky smiled and looked at Brandon who was out on the balcony. What? We got back for three hours ago and you havent said a word so I
had to said Brandon. Sky,
do you even know if youre ready to do this? asked Helia. Well,
yeah, I love Bloom answered Sky. Do
you even know if Bloom is ready? asked Timmy. Well
no, but she might Sky replied. Sky got
a piece of paper and a pencil and started writing ways on how to ask
Bloom. At
Alfea, its night time. Musa, Tecna and Flora and fast asleep in
their beds. Stella and Bloom couldnt sleep so they talked to each
other. Hey
Bloom are you ok? asked Stella. Hmm,
yeah Im fine. Why do you ask? Because
you look like youve just seen a ghost, not like its not normal
in this realm. Na
Im ok, but Ive been looking through Laylas wedding album and
she was so young. Well
their realms have an alliance. So whats the problem? Layla
was so lucky yet so young. If someone proposes to me today, I dont
think that I would accept. Just
then a pebble hit the balcony. Stella and Bloom walked outside and
saw Brandon and Sky on hoverbikes. Snookums,
Sky what are you two doing here a day early? I thought you two were
in Arakleon for the last day of summer vacation. W …to be continued!

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WinX Club hentai story part 1: Forgotten Chapter 3

This chapter is dedicated to
FloraFan, the first person who reviewed. Today is my friends
birthday, so, happy birthday Jenna! The next morning, Sky looked at the
newspaper. Missing
Girl FoundBloom Domi, who went
missing at age eight, was found yesterday. The rest of the article covered a
lot of stuff, but the picture was what was interesting. The girl
looked very familiar. Sky decided hed take his friends to the
welcome back party. ***At the mall, the girls were picking
out dresses. Nothing looks right! Stella
complained, I cant find a single nice dress! Quit complaining, Stella,
Musa told her, Youve already tried out all the dresses in 3
stores! Oh, alright, Ill just buy
this orange one, Stella finally decided. The girls left the mall
and stopped to get something to eat. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! a bunch
of girls shrieked. Excuse me, miss? Tecna began
to ask someone, Whats all this about? You dont know? the girl
asked her, The Specialists are here. Theyre the hottest
band ever! Musa came running back with their
drinks. Riven bumped into her. Arent you going to
apologize? Riven snarled. I was going to until you asked
so rudely? Musa told him. Suddenly a bunch of girls ran up to him. Riven, what brings you to town? I came for the girl who was
found, Riven told them. Awwwwww, youre so sweet! …to be continued!

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WinX Club hentai story part 1: Forgotten Chapter 4

Dedicated to ChrisJan34 and. Dutchess. Blah blah blah blah. Lets get on with the
story. By the way, the date Bloom went missing was June 18. Sky moved
into his house on June 30. At the party, Sky looked at Bloom. He held up a picture the family was letting people look at. In the
picture, Blooms blue eyes were full of life. Right now, her eyes
were dull, almost gray. He looked again. They were blue again. The party wasnt much. Once the
guests left, Bloom went to her room. She picked up a small, furry,
blue book. She opened it up to the beginning. Its such a shame
I only got to write 3 entries, Bloom thought. June 15Dear Diary,I
saw a fairy today! She ran away. Actually, she flew away. Ever since
we moved here, strange things have been happening. First, Tecna went
missing. Now, Stellas gone. My penpals are beginning to disappear
one by one. It was really funny. The fairy looked exactly like
Stella. June
was able to talk to the fairy today! It turns out, all my penpals
have become muses. They said I could become one too! But therere 2
tests. The first one is I have to swim across the river. They wont
tell me the second one thoughJune
the day I do it! I left my parents a note, but I doubt theyll find
it. I have to say good bye now. …to be continued!

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WinX Club hentai story part 8: Winx Club Starring You Chapter 4

He felt slightly tired and sat onto his bed. And put his head into his hands… massaging his temples soothingly. –R&R! …to be continued!

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WinX Club hentai story part 5: Winx Club Starring You Chapter 4

her hair, a white tee shirt, and a black pleated skirt, with a red belt and a gold cross hanging off the belt, also with black ankle boots with silver buckles attached, along with her small accessory of her black arm band.The two girls simply looked at each other, they smiled but that was the only amount of kindness in the room, so far. It was pretty quiet…–When Elyon walked in the fairy of thunder and lightning. She glanced around the room, her locks of chestnut brown moving with her, she was curvy with sparkling sky blue eyes, and nicely tanned skin. While her outfit consisted of a pair of dark faded jeans, a navy blue ‘shinedown’ band tee, with silver and black pumas, along with her army dog tags.She rushed to her bed and jumped onto it, bouncing back up. Elyon laughed. “Yes…! This room is all mine, this is so sweet!!”–Red Fountain:”Alright men! Head in!” Professor Codatorta commanded. As all men who were outside they began to head into their dorms, and into the school property. A young man passed Professor Codatorta quickly, while the ‘head of discipline’ noticed him and smiled.”Prince of Velaon, it’s great to see you…” Codatorta announced. The young prince looked at him and smiled.”Thank you… for accepting me.” He mentioned. “I’m truly honored to be welcomed here.””It’s our pleasure. Are your parents going to be present the Day of the Royals?”The young man thought for a second. …to be continued!

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WinX Club hentai story part 3: Winx Club Starring You Chapter 4

ance traits such as, skin the color of milk chocolate, light pink colored eyes, black shoulder-length hair pulled into two separate pigtails. While she wore a white and silver striped strapless shirt, along with a pink mini skirt, and black ballet flats. “What realm have you arrived from?””My kingdom is Aeria. ‘The Kingdom of Air’, h-how about you?””My lovely realm is Agapeto. Being extremely romantic along with the powers of love, and lovey-dovey couples!” Ceri swooned. While Vaitalia gave her a hearty smile, along with a few innocent giggles, Ceri rushed to the other available bed, before gently placing a light pink backpack onto the neatly made pale bed sheets.–Another young girl was sitting on her large circular bed, with one large suitcase laying on the fluffy carpet. She also has a glittery nail filer in her hand, scratching her manicured nails against the tip. She was all in all, cheerful. She had very beautiful traits, shoulder-length pure black hair, a light caramel colored skin color, hazel eyes, and a fit built with a height that was pretty high, especially for a Alfea student. When a young girl walked in she flinched… obviously thinking she was going to be bunking alone, so it was a little I don’t know… shocking, different, difficult… maybe even fun…?The young girl who appeared from the realm ‘Mirton’, stood in the doorway before shutting it slowly. It was silent between the two young gals, even though they recieved kind …to be continued!

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