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WinX Club Hentai Story: "Just can’t resist her"

Sky lay in his bed in his Red Fountain dorm room that he shared with Brandon. It was a rather cold night and he couldn’t get to sleep which wasn’t going to help with the early start he had tomorrow for heroics class. He just couldn’t keep his mind off the beautiful fire fairy at Alfea. The two had been dating for two years now; around about the same amount of time his friends Brandon, Riven, Timmy, Helia and Nabu have been with their girlfriends. So he should be in the same situation as them right€¦.. Wrong!

It wasn’t a secret that Sky and Bloom were the most affectionate out of all the couples. He certainly wasn’t that way on purpose, it was just Bloom drove him crazy with her creamy milk complexion, long legs and silky red hair making it impossible for him to keep his hands off her. Bloom however was another story, the seductive touching, the sway of her hips as she walks and even the way she dresses was completely innocent and unnoticed on her part and that was what bothered him the most. She honestly didn’t realize how utterly€¦sexy she was and that her actions sent guys minds crazy with lust.

Sky turned on his side and looked over at Brandon. Brandon had been going out with Stella, Blooms best friend so the four of them often hung out together with the rest of the group. Even though his roommate pretends he loves Bloom like a ‘little sister’ he knew that Brandon had fallen victim on many occasions to Blooms seductive ways. After being caught out admiring Blooms behind as she walked away Sky gave him a long and terrifying scolding that Brandon made sure he had his eyes down when she walked in front of him.

After a lot more thinking, sleep finally consumed him but his thoughts remained on the fire goddess as she invaded his dreams.
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Layla and Stella from “Winx club” are going to try some lesbian magic tonight…

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WinX Club sex story part 1: Forgotten Chapter 5

Hey! Sorry I havent updated
in a while. But Im not going to come up with some lame excuse like
I have school work. My friends birthday was last month(If you
remember Jenna), and mines coming up. Ive had a lot to do. Ive
also had writers block. But here you go. Bloom stared out the window. It was
hard to imagine the car in the driveway was hers. Yesterday, shes
gotten her drivers license. So had her friends. But Bloom knew her
parents werent about to buy her friends all cars. Bloom, honey! Time to go to
school! her mother called. Bloom raced downstairs. It was her
first day of school again. She wasnt sure if this counted as
cheating, but she and her friends did a spell to make sure they had
caught up with the other students. It would seem kind of strange if
the town she grew up in didnt teach her. At lunch, Bloom sat with her
friends, in a secluded corner of the cafeteria. As strange is this may sound,
Im sure I saw the guy I gave my musical talent to, Flora told
her friends, And he was surrounded by girls! Im not sure how,
but it makes me jealous. Logically, since we regained our
human form, we should have human feelings, Tecna told them. Yeah, all of us except for you
Tecna. Youre as hard as stone! Bloom said as she arrived,
Anyways, I saw the guy I gave my musical talent to. He was staring
at me as if I was an alien. ***Sky walked up to his friends at
lunch. …to be continued!

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See how sexy Tecna from “Winx club” gets double penetrated on her own couch!

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I’m here again to continue working. Horny Winx Club heroes try nude posing when their tiresome filming work is over… While hard ass rush Stella craves to be ripped in her anal right now or ramming the huge rod down her tight holes with wild passion ;)

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Lesbian games of WinX Club cuties.

Now it’s time to post some fresh stuff! It looks like we have lewd Winx Club characters caught up in the action, isn’t it? Certainly, that is on top of pleasure and doesn’t mind getting one pairs of lips play her sex addicted ass delighting of getting a great fuck by other Winx Club heroes!

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